Classic Slots

Everyone knows the slot machines because they have reached around the world, but not everyone knows about the great history of the slot. And now with the internet age and the casino slots and slots casinos are online casino gambling brings more money each year among all other casino games, from slots and casino sclera everywhere. Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Macao, cruise and rely heavily on these machines glittering.

Many players are surprised to learn that the history of the slot has more than 250 years. And besides slots history is impressive and surprising people with it. The casino slot game began as mechanical artifacts regaled gum, but ultimately have come to give cash awards, and become what they are today. Lets take a look at this exciting story of the slot, and then see if you want to play online casino free slot play with bonds or preferred free bet.

Here you will find the first big surprise, and it is relatively accepted that the date on which the slot casino game entered the world stage slots casino. From the mid-nineteenth century (probably in 1847) was set in a company in a mechanical device, which was more than five functions, and showed a poker hand, and was the beginning of the history of the slot.

At first I had associated any direct payment and therefore did not have a great success and this casino game slot. They were expensive and not very attractive. This only changed in 1887 when the enthusiast and mechanic Charles Fey took the matter seriously. He developed the first machines that could automatically pay the player, giving economic benefits and making it more attractive.

A few years later, in the history of the slot, an Englishman created a very similar machine as distorted laws of the game, but was gum. Therefore, he had no letters symbols but rather symbols of fruit, but despite that they were intended to be a product advertisement, came to have much popularity and keeps mentioning in the history of the slot.