Online Roulette

What the best strategy is working is to be determined by simple probability calculation. A winning strategy unfortunately does not exist, otherwise I have long been a millionaire. However, you can optimize the roulette game so that the risk of loss is very small. I will be the most well-known tactics for roulette below try to explain.

This working roulette tactic is pretty simple, but here you have the chance of making much loss! You play constantly with low stakes, in the above roulette game you can think of an amount between 10 cents and a dollar.

You then play the odds 50% (red / black, odd / even) and at every turn you win you cross the profits in your pocket. Lose one turn you double the bet, you should do this along until you win again a twist!

You can keep repeating, constant profit is small and the risk of loss is small, but if you have enough money in your pocket. This opportunity is not great but it does exist! In many roulette tables is also a bet limit, the above table is that 50 euros (note here also on!), You will like the 50 euro is passed to switch to a high-roller table, these offer them in almost any online casino.

This roulette strategy is largely a matter of superstition. This tactic is seen by a friend who worked at the casino Homeroom. The strategy is to assume that the ball at every turn has approximately the same speed.

You write the number on which the ball is fired, this repeat ten times. You count on the neighbors game (this is the literal order of the numbers on the roulette wheel) the amount of numbers in place of shooting and the place where the ball falls. After you averages the number of places then the neighbors game to play, with that number, for example two, three or four neighbors. In this case, so put in the numbers 15, 32, 0, 26 and 3. The neighbors game can come in handy if you play according to the Chinese strategy. Look below for the operation of the Chinese strategy.