Playing Poker Online

Poker is the best of all the casino games available in the online casinos. It is, in fact, the only game which is played with other players in the casino and is not played against the house. The game can take as many players as you like. The more, the better; since this way the lot rises to a great degree which works in everyone’s favor. There are many variants of the game and online casinos make sure to provide all the variants of the game to you.

Texas Holdem poker is the most primitive variant of the game. It is the simplest form of poker. The players get two hole cards and three community cards later on to make a strong poker rank hand of five cards. The show of cards is followed by the betting rounds in which all the players have to participate. The final lot after the show of all the community cards goes to the player who has the highest poker rank hand.

In the Omaha variant, there is distribution of a total of seven cards. The players get four cards in one go and later on the remaining three cards one by one. The show of the cards is followed by betting rounds and the player with the highest poker rank of five cards from these seven cards wins.

In seven card stud variant, you are again required to make a hand of five cards from seven cards which are distributed at once and the players have an option to replace the useless cards with certain new cards. In the five card draw variant, the players are distributed five faced down cards and the bets are made over these. The player with the strongest hand wins the lot.

Razz poker is the only variant of poker in which the strongest hand is not valued. The player with the weakest hand of seven cards takes away the lot. The Caribbean stud poker is also the only game which is known for the progressive jackpot. The winner takes away the lot but the next player in the series also gets decided percentage of the lot. Therefore, in this variant, the winner is not the only one to get rewarded.