Tips Of Online Blackjack

The aim of the game is simple, get closer to number twenty-one dealer himself, without going over twenty one. The dealer deals the players, and finally to him two letters, usually upward, but in some tables may be upside down, the dealer also receives two cards, one face up, you call "up card" and a mouth below, which is called the "hole card".

The cards are valued as follows: the two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten are have their face value, those of Jack, queen (queen) and king (king) are worth ten, Aces are worth one or eleven. If you receive an Ace and any ten value card, that's what is called "Blackjack" or "natural".

In these cases, in most casinos, a "Blackjack" or "Natural" pay three to two or one and a half, compared with a normal profit, where you pay one by one. If the dealer (or dealer) has a "Blackjack" or "Natural" all hands on the table lose in favor of the house, except players who also have a "Blackjack" or "Natural" in which case it's a push or "push".

Each hand comes and goes rather quickly, some people call the Live Blackjack "crack of all games of chance" because of the speed and the ability to gain too much too quickly or lose too much too quickly.

You put your bet, the dealer deals you two cards, you do "hit", which involves taking additional cards, or "stand or stay", which means no more cards, the dealer shows his hole card, and more cards until it reaches the number 16, and then the hand is over.

The dealer will then pay each player who is closer to twenty, the house itself, then takes money from players who are further from the twenty-first of what is the house, and if the dealer is exceeded twenty, about is called "dealer breaks" and then get paid to all players with cards in front of them.