Variants Of Online Poker

The early stages in Limit Hold'em tournaments are very similar to No Limit tournaments. In both cases we should play conservatively, to keep tabs unnecessarily. In fact, we should play an even more conservative than it would play in No Limit, as our chip stack is not infinite and no repurchase once we have finished. Our chips are our ticket to the final table.

To protect our records there is no better way to play in position and only premium hands. We complicate with marginal hands out of position. Will avoid trouble hands like KJ, A-10, Q-10, etc.. that although look good, we run the risk of being the best second hand when it's showdown.

A key concept in our strategy must be to steal the blinds. Blinds increase every certain number of minutes (between 10 and 60, depending on the online poker room and the type of tournament) and as you go up, the relation between our stack and the amount of the blinds are getting worse.

This causes most players to play in an increasingly conservative as the wheel moves. The best strategy, however, is to do the opposite: when everyone gets conservative, risk a little and steal the blinds. Of course this is not easy, because everyone will defend their blinds against any rise.

On the other hand, like stealing the blinds is something that all players at the table will try to do, we will be in the position of having to defend ours. And the best defense is attack. If you look at our pre-flop bet, let Beth March 1, which will give us the initiative

One of the requirements to reach the final table Limit Holdem tournament is able to adapt to different blind levels, knowing when to steal, when to defend and when to do nothing. We aim to increase our stack, for which we will draw full advantage of the good hands, discard the bad hands, and steal the blinds when we can.